Wednesday, April 01, 2009

photo 2

I still have another 25 more years to go before my retirement.I wish i could push that fast foward button that could bring me in a blink! to my retirement age so that i will have all the time in the world to do my travelling extensively.But time lost is time wasted , i guess i need to make most of what i have , furthermore "DUNIA CAKAP PERGI , KUBUR CAKAP MARIII!!!".

"Water lily" - shot in langkawi 11-9-08

"warrior"- shot in kampung budaya sarawak 12-2-07

"Bunga apa ntah"-short in waterfont kuching 13-2-07

"Masjid terapung"-shot in kuala terengganu 11-1-07

"Fishing " - shot in Kuala Ibai , terengganu 11-1-07

"Floating market" - shot in Dam Nuern Samduak , thailand 9-5-07


  1. hahaha now i know how old u r hahaha 25yrs before retirement yerkk

    by the way i love ur photo yg kuala ibai and masjid terapung tu, leh tak i dapat yang full resolution, nak print and frame

  2. just a piece of a very big jigsaw puzzle.keep on collecting , maybe you could assemble them one day , he he.Will snail mail the softcopy to you , the file size is big for an email attachment