Monday, March 30, 2009

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One of my hobbies beside travelling is photography .I guess both hobby complement each other as photography involved a lot of travelling .Below are some of the sample of my works , will update from time to time in this blog.
I could still remember , the good old days when i was just a little kid , I used to spend a lot of time watching airplane take off at Bayan Lepas Airport , Penang and at the same time imagining myself inside the plane.I always said to myself back then " macam manalah rasanya kalau akulah yang ada dalam kapal terbang tu " .Coming from a not very well to do family meant that travelling oversea is like heaven and earth.Now whenever i'm on an airplane looking through the airplane window , i will always remember that i'm used to be that kid who always sits near the fence at the runway side and by reflecting this i'm always thankful to god and my parents who brought me up very well.
"EIFEL TOWER,PARIS" 23rd april 2008
"Lavender" - picture was taken in KEUKENHOFF , Amsterdam ,25th april 2008

"Red Tulip"-picture was taken in KEUKENHOFF ,Amsterdam ,25th april 2008

"Mengkarung" , picture was taken in the garden fronting my house,29th march 2009

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  1. hai atok. thanks for visiting my blog. update selalu ye. almaklum i tak pernah g oversea.. baca pengalaman org je la nampaknya