Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adat Bercukur - baby head shaving custom

This custom is normally associated with the malays.I'm not sure the origin of this custom and why only malays practised it but as long as it does not involve any rituals which are against the teaching of islam , i'm ok with it.Normally this ceremony is being done by a "makbidan" and the head of the baby is completely shave and then bath using the "air bunga".The hair is then weigh and the equivalent value in gold is to be given as "sedekah"(alms) to the poor.This ritual is normally being accompanied by a small "kenduri" or feast as sign of appreciation on the arrival of the new baby.


  1. nice....sebuah sunnah...nice...

  2. actually its both malays and islamic teachings, :D but the customs of malays has been removed some parts of it because its againts islamic teachings, what remains now is ok.

    according to islam, the seventh day after the baby was born, we will do the aqiqah. rite? and then, cukur the whole rambut-significant to it because that hair is produced in the tummy of the mum, and when birth, it is kinda not suitable in this world, let a new hair keluar, like making anew life to the baby :)

    may correct me if im wrong, thats what i understand :)

  3. i didn't know that.Thanks paan

  4. salam ziarah...just for sharing..cukur jambul adalah amalan bidaah, datuk abdullah haji abu hassan din al hafiz mengatakan cukur jambul adalah amalan bidaan dan khurafat.sebenarnya yang perlu dilakukan ialah melakukan aqiqah..jikalah ingin cukur jambul, cukur rambut biar sampai botak..maksudnya mcukur sebahagian rambut adalah dilarang. hadis ibn umar r.a mengatakan, Rasulullah S.A.W melarang melakukan qaza.Abdullah bertanya, apa itu qaza, jawapannya adalah mncukur sbhgian rambut.comel baby..tahniah..alhamdulillah saudara cukur seluruhnya rambut ur daughter..