Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alternative travel in Penang , Malaysia

I'm very sure that most of you had been to penang for your holidays.Penang is famous for its food , beaches ,Penang Hill ,Esplanade and Kek Lok Si Temple (just to name a few).But there are the other side of Penang which is quite interesting also which is frequented mainly by the local people.

- equivalent to a car boot sale in europe.located just beside the penang stadium carpark and open between 8 to 12 noon.You can find antique for sale here at a very good bargain and there is also a possibility that you could also find your shoe's here if its lost or stolen.he he.Kalau pegi sembahyang jumaat dan selipar hilang , ada besar kemungkinan boleh jumpa selipar anda kembali kat sini.

2)Taman Negara Pulau Pinang , Teluk bahang
Forget about batu ferrenghi if you want to go for a swim.A much better alternative is to go to this area , the water is much more clearer here and not many people here.The best way to go to this place is hiking if you have the stamina,but you could always rent a boat.There is a fisherman jetty located at the park entrance , just ask around for the transport.I do recommend that you go to the MUKA HEAD for a picnic and try hiking one of the trail which will led you to the lighthouse.

This is among the last places in penang where you could still find traditional malay food at a very reasonable price.This place had an old school touch towards it and for me its very interesting.I recommend that you try the "SERABAI" , a food which is rarely found in other part of malaysia.

4)LUNCH at LAKSA JANGGUS , Balik Pulau
For me this is the best laksa stall in the whole malaysia, being a "LAKSA" lover i'm always on a quest to find the best laksa stall and this is the best.It was even featured in Jalan-jalan cari makan and some other TV food program.It is located in PULAU BURUNG,BALIK PULAU , the small stall is located under the "pokok janggus" and hence the name "laksa janggus" originated.There is no proper direction to pulau burung , just ask the local people when you arrive in Balik Pulau Town and most of them will tell the direction to laksa janggus or Pulau burung.

5)Dinner At Nasi Kandar Line clear
Authentic penang nasi kandar stall which is located at penang road.Almost everybody in penang know the location of nasi kandar line clear, just ask around for direction.This stall is the perfect example that you don't need fine dining to eat delicious food . Just a simple bence and tarpaulin will do , the main thing is the food.You will know what i mean when you are there.

6) A visit to Pulau Aman by boat
The "Island of Peace" or Pulau Aman (in Malay) is a small island in Penang that is home to a traditional Malay village. Situated on an island covering an area of about 115-hectare, the place is (if you ask me!) the gateway to tranquility and serenity.The easiest way to go to pulau aman is by driving along the north south highway and exit through Bukit Tambun,Penang.There is a small jetty which will take you to pulau aman at a cost of RM 4.This is the best hidden secret of penang which mainly being overlook by tourist.

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