Tuesday, April 21, 2009


At gare du nord , paris before boarding our train to amsterdam
view of garden infront of our hotel lobby

IBIS airport hotel
one of the hotel block

Amsterdam is one of my favourite places to visit in europe.It is such a classic and beutiful place to visit especially in spring during the tulip season.I had start my journey to amsterdam with my wife on the 25th april 2008 via france using THALYS train.The journey tooks us 4 hours crossing belgium along the way.The train ticket cost us around 50 euros and can be book online with the following link.http://www.thalys.com/.

We had stop at the SCIPHOL AIRPORT station as our hotel is located near the airport.It is cheaper if you stay at the outskirt of amsterdam as hotel price is very steep if its located in the center of amsterdam.The cost of our hotel is 95 euro per night and we spent three night at IBIS hotel.Actually you could get a very good bargain if you book early.I had book this hotel actually at the last minute as originally i had plan to go to GENEVA , switzerland .In fact i had already purchase a flight ticket from PARIS to SWITZERLAND and then to AMSTERDAM but i then realised that i had book at the wrong date and i had to rescheduled my whole itinery and cancel switzerland.The transportation system at netherland is quite efficient and you could get anywhere with ease.From schiphol airport there is a free public transportation going to the IBIS hotel.to be continued.......


  1. Me and my husband use to go to Amsterdam october/november each year! If you are two persons its almost the same price with taxi from Schiphol to the center as with train.

  2. who is that lady the face been padam? just curious..

  3. gry - i seldom take taxi in europe because it's so expensive especially for us asian if take into account the currency conversion.I just love amsterdam and will go there again if i got the time.what is the cheapest way to go to norway from stockholm?

    paan-that is my wife

  4. tak pasti lagi, kena tgk budget dulu.will start travelling again somewhere in august before ramadahn