Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chu chi tunnel , vietnam - day 3

"pick n choose to shoot" - at a cost of 1usd per bullet you can choose any of the rifle and test them with live bullet.I choose AK-47
"Cobra liqour"-supposedly to make you strong in the ehem ehem region

"inside the newly renovated tunnel"

"american tanks destroyed by land mines"

"the original chu chi tunnel"

"Entrance to chu-chi tunnel"

Located in the Chu Chi district(70km from ho chi minh) which is very near to the borders of cambodia , lies for me another wonders of the worlds.Chu Chi tunnel is a must visit place if you are in Vietnam.The tunnels spans more tan 250Km is more than a huge war complex rather than a tunnel.You can find living quarters , meeting room,kitchen and even a clinic all inside the tunnel.
The tunnel networks of Chu Chi became legendary in te 1960 for its role in facilitating the viet cong in winning the war against america.The tunnels made communication possible between the VC -controlled enclaves ,isolated from each other by south vietnamese and american land and air operation.This tunnel also enable the VC to launch an effective guerilla style attack against the american.
From the huge presence of military personnel at this area , i suspect that this area was being maintain by the military.This is the only place that i know where civilian can actually choose any type of weapon displayed (from as small as a revolver to a big machine gun) and firing them with live bullet for a small fee.I had choose an AK-47 with 5 nos of bullet.With a guidance from the military personnel present i shot 5 round of live bullet without wearing any earplug because according to them , you can feel the firepower of the weapon if you hear the noise.You could feel the recoil of the weapon due to enertia pushing your body backward .
Do not miss the chance to enter the vietcong tunnel , the tunnel for tourist had been remodified to make it a little bit wider and taller to allow westerner to enter and experience the condition.But with the widen tunnel you can't help feeling intoxicated and sometime panicked as you crawl your way into the 50m tunnel.The temperature inside is slightly hot and i do not recommend it if you are claustrophobic .
How to get there
The easiest way to go to chu chi tunnel is by joining an organized tour.Just go to any travel agent in Ho chi minh and most of them will have it.There is not much explanation board at the Chu Chi tunnel , therefore joining a guided tour will be the best option as you will get a better explantion at site.


  1. brape kos melawat ke chi chi tunnel ni dengan travel agent?

  2. tak brapa ingat ler , tapi rasanya tak mahal.Better guna tour sebab tempat jauh kat pedalaman n transport pun susah.Lagipun kalau tak guna agent kat cu chi pun susah gak sebab tempat dia berselerak n info tak banyak

  3. ok. thanks bro!

    seronok senanye ade tempat nk bertanye n berkongsi pape xD

    well done! teruskan la menulis travel2 yg lain.

  4. aku pi aritu tak jumpa pun cobra liquor tuh..hehe
    kalau jumpa mesti beli..lawak jaa..

    aku pun amik AK47 masa tuh,amik 10 bullet kongsi ngan Nikli n Ziana..syok jugak dapat menembak..tapi seronok la tengok Cu Chi tunnel nih..rasa macam having so much fun masa trip nih..

    entri pasal Cu chi tunnel ni akan menyusul.nanti aku alert kan ko ok..banyak sangat mender tak best berlaku kebelakangan ni..huhu