Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Firefly and other airlines

This is my first time flying with firefly.I took a flight yesterday from subang airport to penang and return on the same day using the same airlines.I was quite suprised initially because the cabin of the new ATR plane is quite comfortable and reasonably spacious and better than airasia.The flight was quite interesting as it flies low and you can see the ground view more clearly.For the first time i could see clearly from air the railroad traversing the BUKIT MERAH LAKE and it is stunning.My flight yesterday only cost me RM115(inclusive tax) per journey.I normally use malaysia airlines and airasia for my travel but now moving foward i will definitely be using firefly for my travel locally.I will fly again to penang this friday using firefly and i will post pic of the inside cabin and the view of bukit merah from air.Check out the below link for access to firefly website.Based on my personal experience Malaysia Airlines is still the best followed by Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways.I rank singapore Airlines number 4 because its cabin crew is not very friendly.
For low cost carrier i prefer Firefly followed by RyanAir and Airasia.Actually Airasia is ok but the experience at the LCCT is not very pleasent.Its overcrowded and the baggage handling is very slow and most of the time you have to stand while waiting for your flight due to lack of seat.And due to this reason i gave a lower rank to airasia.
The below are some of the airlines that i had used so far in my travel
1)Malaysia Airlines
3)Thai Airways
6)Shenzen Airlines
7)Pelangi Air
8)MASWING (Fokker 50 aircraft in sabah n sarawak)
9)Berjaya air
10)Singapore Airlines


  1. I rank singapore Airlines number 4 because its cabin crew is not very friendly. <- Of coz la.. Singaporean very kiasu. They think they're all that. Lol...

  2. haiya boss, next time when u reach subang ring me ok

    i working with Subang MAS airport very close maaaaa

    we can catch up teh tarik at starbuck or big apple sekejap maaa

    hisss...contact2 gua hahaha