Monday, April 20, 2009

Forbidden city , beijing,china

Forbidden city was declared as the WORLD HERITAGE SITE in 1987.Being there for the first time and seeing how well the area had been preserved it feel that your are being transported back to the MING DYNASTY in the early 1400.Images of shaolin and kung fu master kept playing in the back of my head and you can't help yourself imagining that you are in the set of a very large kung fu production set.
The size of this palace is so huge and i felt that 1 day in the forbidden city is not enough for you to indulge in its rich history.The total size of the palace is 720000 square meters consisting of 980 buildings and 8707 rooms.You enter the forbidden palace through the meridien gate which is located directly in front of the tiananmen square and exit through the Gate of Divine Might which is located at the other end of the forbidden city.I'm not sure which part of the forbidden city i should wrote about,because every inch of it is full with history.Therefore i just leave a link below so that you could read about its history further.

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