Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was in subang airport when something click in my head.I had just disembark from my plane when i saw a wealthy chinese businessmen with his family boarding a private executive jet , in my mind i kept saying that he must be very happy as he had everything money can buy ,i wish i could be like him.Then while walking towards my father at the arrival hall , i saw a blind malay man sitting with his family.From the facial expression and his body language i could see that it's gleaming with happiness.Then i realised that he is surrounded by his family and i could see that his family takes good care of him and projected an aura of warmth.
Two different contrasting scenario , a very wealthy man with his family with a very tense facial expression and a blind man with his family with his facial expression radiant with happiness.I started reflect back on my own life and question what does it meant to be happy.A difficult question to answer but i'm glad that this question struck my mind as sometime we need to do some soul searching so that we could add some meaning to our life.


  1. halo bro. thanks for stopping by.
    wow!! u love travelling as well.
    perhaps one day we can meet up, im just a newbie in photography :)

  2. yeah, happiness a is big question no one can define no one can answer, it differs... :0