Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kerling Hot spring

Kerling hot spring is located around 10km from kuala kubu baru and close to the town of KERLING.I feel dissapointed when i first arrived in kerling .The place is not well manage and the so called hot spring does not fit the profile of a hot spring.Furthermore there is a rapid developement alongside the riverbank which added to the pollution.Anyway kerling for me is just a part of being there and done that sort of thing.


the easiest way to reach kerling is to use the north south highway and exit through lembah beringin.from there ask for direction to exit to the old federal road or to kerling .Once you reach the main road turn left to kuala kubu baru and then turn right when you see a signboard "KAMPUNG AIR PANAS".From there onwards just move straight until you reach the hotspring.


  1. This kerling hotspring used to be a beautiful place some 25 years ago. It's part of a secondary forest, the river is clean and deep, the water is crystal clear that you can go snorkelling and spear fishing unless it rain. The hotspring is also a haven for butterflies, especially the ' Raja Brooke ' variety, it comes in green or blue stripes on its wings. It is not afraid of humans and they will land on the palm of your hands if you stay perfectly still, to soak up the sweat in your hands. But all that's have changed when the govermament permitted logging in the upper stretch of the river, causing mud and silk to deposit downstream. The river beside the spring is now very shallow, the water is murky and the vegetation and the butterflies are now all gone. You hardly see even a single Raja Brooke there now. You might ask me how I know about this ? Very simple, I lived in the kerling new village when I was a kid and goes to the springs every day, to catch fish and admire the butterflies.

  2. Kerling kid - you must feel very sad seeing what used to be a beautiful place gone in front of your eyes.I guess this kind of thing happen everywhere in malaysia.the best and classic example is cameron highland.human greed and ineffective policy/enforcement agency are to be blame for the current dire state of our environment.sometime i wish that our government pay extra attention to our natural environment instead of only focusing on GDP numbers.what is the point in achieving a develop nation status if we don't have a strong policy on how to protect our natural environment.

  3. Why can't the government take the initiative to take care this kind of area. If they want tourist to come to Malaysia, they should find places of attraction for the foreigner to visit Malaysia. We have a many lands but they busily concentrate on the heart of the city what about outside KL... I'm born in KL but I miss kampong life...... that's where most of our ancestor come from....

  4. Government initiative is one thing but the main issue here i believe is the mindset of most malaysian , the user themselves sometime don't even care about cleanliness nor the environment