Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keukenhoff Garden , Amsterdam

This is the happiest place on earth for my wife , there are tulips of different colours almost everywhere.This is the place to be whenever you visit Netherland during spring time.It seems that tulips are a very big and lucrative business in Netherlands and worths hundred of million euros worth of exports.As a comparison , just imagine yourself driving along the north south highway in KEDAH, along the way you could see paddy field as far as your eyes could see, now replace the vision of paddy field with colourful tulips and just imigine how beautiful it is.The field is just splashing with colourful and vibrant colours of tulip.If you plan to go to netherland to see the tulips , please plan you trip by finding information on the keukenhoff official website tulip only bloom within a short period of time.


Despite its abundance everywhere , not many people realise that tulips originated in the valley of TIAN SHAN mountains , where tibet and china meet.In 1050AD , tulips were venerated in Persia but it was the turkish tribe , the SELCUKS , moving west from central asia and settling in eastern anatolia , who brought the tulips nearer to europe.When the Ottoman captured Istanbul in 1453 ,tulips became a common sight there too.The ottoman sultans loved them so much they embelished the gardens in the TOPKAPI palace in istanbul with many variety of tulip.


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The easiest way to get there is by buying a combi ticket at a cost of 20 euro which include a return bus tiket to keukenhoff from Schiphol.You can purchase the combi ticket from the tourist infomation center which is located inside the schiphol airport.The journey will take you approximately 40 minutes across beautiful landscape.

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  1. When I went to Netherlands, for the ESQ training last year, we were a little bit late and there were no more tulips left to thank you for the share...kinda filled us with what we've missed