Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MAGLEV train, Shanghai - 1


For me MAGLEV could be considered as an engineering marvel of the modern world.MAGLEV stand for MAGNETIC LEVITATION train and YES its floats on thin air!! without wheels.Shanghai maglev is the first commercial high speed maglev line in the world. Construction began in March 2001, and public service commenced on 1 January 2004.MAGLEV use magnetic field to levitate its body and hence with less friction it could reach a speed of 430km/h max although during a test run on 12 November 2006, a maglev vehicle achieved a Chinese record speed of 501 km/h (311 mph).
I had went to shanghai on the june 2008 and i had used the MAGLEV from the PUDONG international airport until the LONYANG ROAD station in shanghai.The train journey will took you 7 minutes for a 30 KM journey at a cost of 50 yuan.The boarding procedure is just like boarding an aircraft where all your bags is thoroughly check and scan and once you boarded the train you will feel the G-force of the train accelerating to 300km/h within a few minutes and then proceeding to accelerates at a maximum of 430km/h.Looking through the window you could sense that you are moving very fast and its hard to focus on the view due to the high speed.The train runs on double tracking and when the other trains pass through you it will move at a relative speed of 860km/h at each other and you will only notice a glimpse of the other train passing by.Actually it is cheaper if you catch a taxi to the shanghai city center but you will miss the thrill of riding one of the fastest train in the world.The fastest train in the world is the FRENCH TGV at a speed of 574km/h .
One thing about the MAGLEV compare to our ERL is that , although the technology and the comfort level of MAGLEV is far greater than the ERL but they manage to keep the ticket at an affordable level at only RM25 only compare to the RM40 for ERL.Hope the gov could review the price as i feel it is a bit expensive.Do try the MAGLEV if you happen to visit shanghai and marvel at its technology.

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