Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pantai Remis , Kuala Selangor

"entrance to pantai remis"
"Food Stall at the beach area"
"Selection of shelllife for grilling"

Most people would mistaken this area to the PERAK version of pantai remis.This pantai remis is located in the kuala selangor area and it is not also a five star resort .It is just a simple place where i do normally "lepak" with my wife during the weekend and de-stress myself.What i want to highlight here is the delicious and succulent GRILLED SIPUT METARANG.I'm not sure its name in english but its is difficult to find it and its getting harder to get it.The only place where i could find this type of "siput" is in perlis .There is always a constant supply of this shelllife in pantai remis where they do the harvesting at site.
Drive using the sungai buloh kuala selangor road until you find the T-junction where if you go to the right you will go to kuala selangor and to the left to Klang.Turn left at the T-junction and set your odometer to zero.Pantai remis is on your right when your odometer hits 10.1 KM.The sign board to this area is a bit obscure , make sure to ask around. Once you are there look for a stall name "Pantai remis seafood" which is located under a tree by the beach and treat yourself with the succulent and tasty GRILLED METARANG


  1. How's the taste of Metarang compared to Kerang? Tak pernah rasa lagi...

  2. hairil- definitely metarang is better . Kerang have a bllody taste in it while metarang is sweet.