Monday, April 06, 2009

photo 3

My wife is expected to deliver our first baby very-very soon.I feel so excited and at the same time a bit worried on wheter i could be a good father to my daughter.Nonetheless it will be an exiciting and colourful journey that i will took with an open mind . Hopefully my TRAVELLING genes will pass through my daughter, he he ,and hopefully in the future she could be somebody and take a good care of me and my wife.
"spider kill"-shot at my garden on 28-9-08
"spider"- shot at my garden on 28-9-08

"paddy field"-shot at Pulau Burung,Penang on 10-7-08

"Floating market"-shot at damnuern sabduak, thailand on 6-9-07

"paddy field 2" - shot in permatang pauh penang on 28-2-09

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