Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sungai Klah Hotspring resort

I had stumble upon this area while driving along the old federal road from KL to Penang.Sungai Klah Hotspring resort is located in sungkai , perak. If you drive using the highway just exit at the SUNGKAI exit and turn left towards sungkai , this resort is located at approximately 3-4 kilometer from the toll exit.I had been to a lot of hotspring in malaysia and for me sungai klah is the best manage hotspring in malaysia.Kudos to FELDA for their effort in making this place an interesting place to visit.
Nestled in the lush green forest , surrounded by hills and clear cold mountain streams and rivers
sungai klah is definitely the place to be especially during the weekend.Entrance fee for adults is RM 10 while for children is RM 8.There is also chalet if you want to spend a night there.Activity that you can do there is swimming , spas , boardwalk , egg boiling or just simply immersed your feet in the hot spring.I do recommend this place if you want a short gateaway from the busy KL life.Enjoy, for further information on the accomodation please visit this link

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