Thursday, April 02, 2009

Travel tips

The below are the places that i had visited so far
1)China - Shenzen , Shanghai and Beijing
2)Hong Kong
3)Laos - vientiene
4)Thailand - Bangkok , Hatyai , Phuket , Chiangmai
5)Indonesia - Padang , Medan , Jakarta , Riau
6)Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh
9)Sweeden - Stockholm
10)Belgium - Brussels
11)Spain - Girona
12)France - paris
13)Holland - amsterdam
14)United Kingdom - London

But among all MALAYSIA is till the best place to visit .i kept encountering new place to explore just by seeing things differently.

I would like to share some travelling tips with you so that you could stretch your money.
always book your hotel in advance and through the internet .Never book through the travel agent.There are some instances booking through the travel agent will be cheaper but most of the time internet always give you the best price.The below give you some of the links that i normally used for my hotel booking , , , malaysia airlines website hotel booking via octopus. A word of caution , please be careful when booking through internet as there are also some bogus site.

always do a bit of research on the country that you are visiting in term of average daily cost , safety and info in places of interest so that you can expect the unexpected.If you have a limited budget , this will save you a lot in making decision on visiting places of interest by visiting places that suite your interest

Always reserved some cash and hid it somewhere in your bag or etc and always keep a photostat copy of your passport especially if you are on a very long backpacking trip.Talking from personal experience , i had been robbed while i was in indonesia and my wallet was nearly being pickpocketed while i'm in france , having an emergency cash reserved helps you alot.

Travel during the offpeak season and always aware on the discount that was being offered by airlines company.Nowadays Malaysia Airline is keeping up with airasia in term of discounted airfare, airfare had reduced significantly due to this rising competition. Always compare cost of both airline before making decision , comparison should not be based on cost alone but value of serviced offered and hidden cost.the most important thing is choose a flight which could save you for e.g airasia could get you to MACAU with a very cheap price but the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is at night, you could lost 1 precious day with an additional hotel cost to your wallet.

5)Plan your trip
My colleague would curse if they knew that i had given advice on trip planning . If you ask me i don't pefer to have my trip planned in advance.I pefer to just arrive in one country and plan as you go .Observed your surrounding and try to absorb the local culture and do what the locals do.It will make your trip interesting but at the expense of time.To say that i don't have a plan is also not true , i have a very loose plan on where i want to go but 90% of the time it will change once i'm there. My first trip to thailand via land was without no plan whatsoever.Took a train from penang to bangkok and it evolved from bangkok , then took a train to LAOS border and then a taxi to vientiene and then etc.The trip slowly evolved/changes as you go and in the end you will bag yourself tonnes of experience about the local culture.

If you are passionate about travelling like me , save 5 to 10% of your salary for travelling.A trip doesn't have to be at the end of the earth to make it interesting.Try to travel by land as much as possible to cut down on cost.I love to travel by land compare to by air as you can see many things.Try to avoid travelling via a travel packages as you will experience less compare if you plan it yourself.


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