Monday, April 20, 2009

village life

"a newly renovated mosque in front of my grandfather house"-i used to hide in this building while playing hide and seek

I grew up in a small village in penang . When i was in penang last week ,i had went to the village where i grew up and sadly all is gone .The exact same place on the picture below is now sprawling with apartment and condos.I could be considered among a few lucky KL-ite who had manage to experience village life.I was a bit naughty and boisterous back then , you could only find me at home during lunchtime and at night.An even then when the moon is full and it was not so dark we dared ourselves to play hide and seek at night.

My daily activity back then is swimming,fishing and riding a "sampan"(small canoe) with my friends and my granfather would usually cane me almost on a daily basis because i was quite a naughty little boy and i usually came home during "magrhrib" prayer with my cloth all dirty.I could say that almost all the village people know me because i was the grandson of the village imam and yet i was so naughty.I could still remember the good old days when me and my friend used to chase down stray cattle with our bicycle and where my part time job back then was selling fried banana where i was being paid only RM0.50 daily .As a kid RM 0.50 cents was quite big back then, i could buy myself a kite (20 cents) and a fried noodle (30 cents) .Gone were the days when everything is very cheap.Nowadays in KL a fried noodle will cost you RM 2.50.
For me a good comical representations of village life could be seen via Dato Lat comic "KAMPUNG BOY".To my readers outside from malaysia do check out this book as it has been translated and reprinted in a many country around the world.You will know what i had been through as a young kid growing up in a villlage.

" Gotong royong building a new mosque in front of my grandfather house"

"village life "-, one of these guys is my great grandfather as i was told by my late grandmother but i can't remember which one and my mother also forget

"my grandfather house"- i use to live in this house when i was a small kid .In the picture was my aunty who had since passed away.

"a small mosque in front of my late grandfather house in the process of rebuilding"

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