Friday, May 29, 2009

Central Amsterdam

I just love amterdam , its eccentricity and its open mindedness had this made this city very unique.Futhermore its architectural beauty is just superb.This city is literally littered with museum.The below qoute from lonely planet give the best picture on what Amsterdam is all about....
You’re nursing a drink in a canal café when you hear Bach. A man with a wild hairdo is playing organ and trumpet on a nutshell of a boat, while his feet do the steering. Only in Amsterdam…
… and back by popular demand. After a few years’ pout, this beautiful city has found its old self – quirky, creative and open-minded. Yet beneath the self-assured exterior, mental notes are everywhere. Not long ago the
swung towards the right, with crackdowns on immigration, religious freedom and red-light districts. Even in freewheeling Amsterdam, people were asking themselves: is too much tolerance a bad thing?
You can breath easy: the soul-searching is over. The core values of Dutch society that we knew and loved have emerged intact. Newcomers who integrate are welcome; practising a faith is OK, as is the right to turn away from it. You like reefer madness? Fine, let’s hit a coffeeshop. A studded jockstrap for skate night? No problem, that’s crazy enough. Tolerance hasn’t gone out of fashion, it’s just had a makeover.
The city’s gorgeous looks haven’t faded either. The moments you spend ogling the old merchants’ villas, the Jordaan’s charming lanes or the lush Vondelpark are as magical now as in centuries past. The cafés are full, the museums are littered with Golden Age art and everyone still parties like there’s no tomorrow. Amsterdam is a delight to visit any time of year, but it’s hard to trump Queen’s Day, the world’s biggest party-cum–garage sale. In summer there’s an endless parade of festivals and events such as the Holland Festival, the Roots Music Festival and the outrageous Gay Pride parade, as well as delightful concerts on canal stages.
This city is too relaxed to stop being fun. To join in, all you need to pack is a few days’ attitude.

Verdict - definitely a must visit destination before you die


  1. lovely Amsterdam.....the place i want go there back for another visit...people..flower..building...cyling...and diffrent atmosphere....

  2. Aku ade kenangan menarik kat Amsterdam ni. Aku ke sane jadi tetamu ngan org local, kitorang picnic kat salah satu canal utama, pastu terjun mandi macam mandi parit kat malaysia xD

    love this place!

  3. yes .amsterdam is just lovely.he he .a malaysian will always be a malaysian