Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Bund , Shanghai

Architectural DECO of The BUND

The is something very modern and yet traditional in shanghai.If in hongkong you will feel that everything is very modern but it is totally different in shanghai.The abundance of very tall skycrapers bears resemblance to that of hongkong and other develop nation but i could feel that despite the modernisation of shanghai which is moving at a very fast pace , the aura of its people is telling the other side of story - life is very tough in shanghai.

It is a piece of cake if you want to travel in shanghai , the transportation system is superb but language is a bit of a problem but it is not a big problem compare to the other part of china.The bund is one of the famous tourist attraction in shanghai , the area is centered at the Zhongshan road at the western bank of the HUANGPU rivers.The main acitivity that you can do over there is just relax while sipping a cup of STARBUCKS and marvel the view of the ORIENTAL TV TOWER which look like an alien space craft.While you are there don't forget to try the THE BUND TOURIST TUNNEL which will took you underground across the huangpu river via an slow moving electric powered vehicle.

One thing to note at the bund is that it has one of the richest collection of art deco in the world.The Bund houses 52 buildings of various architectural styles such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco .The one thing i do regret in shanghai is not bringing my CANON SLR camera other than that it is a thumbs up for me for shanghai.

The Bund Tourist tunnel

The bund
the bund

the electric powered vehicle which will take you across the huangpu river

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