Saturday, May 16, 2009

From Asia to Europe by land part 2

From Beijing , board the trans mongolian railway from beijing which will take you on a 36 hours journey to Ulaanbataar in Mongolia.From Ulaanbataar there is the Trans Mongolian railway which will take you across the Gobi Desert to the Ulan ude the capital city Buryat republic in Russia for your onwards connection via the Transiberian Railway.

From Ulan Ude catch the Tran Siberian railway for the 5 days journey to the Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal in Moscow.From Moscow Belorusskaia station there is a train which will take you to Berlin in Germany.And from Berlin you can easily go to any european destination by land.


  1. nice!

    tapi ni satu lagi laman yg best utk train travel.

    banyak bantu Aku buat kajian utk trip Ukraine-Malaysia by train.

  2. tak blh cross myanmar - nepal - india ke? then from india naik ke the stans... dan masuk russia? hahaha...

  3. mmg boleh guna THE STANS route utk ke europe guna THE SILK ROUTE tapi transport dia tak well deifine .Tapi dato Hassan Nawawi dah pernah buat naik basikal keliling dunia guna jalan ni.Cuba ko baca autobiography dia , mmg best gile, one of my all time favourite travelling books :-CYCLING AROUND THE WORLD CHALLENGE