Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Last Emperor of China - Pu Yi

After visiting the forbidden city in china , i had always wonder what was it like living as an emperor in china.An emperor played a very vital role in a life of a traditional chinese back then and being worship as a SON of HEAVEN.I had just recently received my second hand book from AMAZON.Still had not finish reading it but so far it was very interesting as it was written by the emperor Pu Yi himself.Reading this book and previous experience of visiting Forbidden City had made the reading experience more enjoyable as you could actually almost imagine yourself in his shoes.I highly recommend that you read this book first before visiting forbidden city so that you could truely appreciate its history and culture.The below are the excerpt from the book...
Stripped of power but not of rank,Pu Yi lived in imperial opulence in the forbidden city.When he went for a stroll , the boy emperor was followed by eunuchs bearing umbrella , chairs , cakes , tea , chamber pots and medicines.At age 17 he took two child-brides- one as an empress and one as a consort.But in 1924 , Pu Yi fled before the armies of a chinese warlord.After exile in the north of China , the Japanese installed him as the puppet Emperor of Manchuria .Virtually confined to his palace for years , Pu Yi terrorized hiw few remaining followers with beating and torture.
As a russian prisoner in Siberia , Pu Yi lived in luxury at a mineral spring spa.But in a communist Chinese prison , the former Emperor was systematically brainwashed, forced to sleep on the floor and paste pencil boxes.After ten years his rehabilitation was branded a succes and he was released.As a temporary guide,Pu Yi led a group of former prisoners on a tour of the Forbidden City , the palace that had been his childhood home.The fragrance of cypress trees in the imperial garden , he wrote "brought back to me memories of my youth ."Pu yi died an ordinary citizen of the People's Republic of China in 1967.


  1. oh, feel so sad for him. Where can I find this book ?

  2. kbguy-you can buy this book through or alternatively you can buy it at KINOKUNIYA KLCC