Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nasi lemak and roti canai

roti canai(made from flour and marjerin)
roti canai in the making

typical nasi lemak and roti canai stall in malaysia

nasi lemak with fried egg and spicy dried squid sauce

You can't separate nasi lemak and roti canai from a malaysian.Almost , erm.. wait , almost is not a correct word for it , Everybody.. in malaysia grew up eating nasi lemak and roti canai and it had obtain an elevated status as a social food in malaysia , kind of wine as a social drink in the west.Eating nasi lemak or roti canai alone at home doesn't feel as delicious as eating with your buddies at a stall while talking about politics and current affair.Nasi lemak or coconut milk rice is best eaten with a spicy dried squid sauce and fried egg with a sprinkle of anchovies on top . It's not actually your dieticien food of choice and the reason why it is eaten on breakfast just minutes before you burnt back the calories by jogging , nah!!! who am i kidding , a heavy dose of nasi lemak in the morning will surely make you doze off afterwards , ha ha.

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