Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Padang , Indonesia 2

My taxi driver

my wife

My taxi driver had sent me to the hotel, he seems like a decent and honest man and i decided to employ him as my tourist guide on my short stay in Padang.Due to the long distances between each tourist destination i feel that my short trip is not sufficient and tiring.Furthermore the road condition is not very good and multiply this with the driving style of my taxi driver (which i believe will qualify him for an entry level rally driver) make matters worst.But overall i think he is a good tourist guide but again with fast driving skill.he he.

I told my driver that i would like to sample indonesian food especially local padang food.My driver brought me to this famous SATE PADANG(a kind of kebab) restaurant (SATE MAK SYUKUR) which is located near an interjunction between the road to bukit tinggi and Istana Pagar Ruyung.I had never tasted SATE PADANG before nor do i ever heard of it.I guess it must look like the famous sate kajang in malaysia.Restaurant SATE MAK SYUKUR is just a simple restaurant serving only SATE PADANG but i can see from the crowd that it was quite famous.

Sate padang is totally different from the malaysian sate in a sense that it is serve with a yellow creamy paste with a heavy taste of tumeric (not sure what it made of but it is quite tasty) serve with "nasi himpit " and the meat itself.The meat is not that sweet unlike the malaysian sate . Just by looking at my old picture i could feel my saliva drooling and the fond memory of eating those succulent grilled meat kept flashing at the back of my mind.AARRGHH!! MUST EAT SATE!! MUST EAT SATE!!!MUST EAT SATE PADANG!!!!


  1. Look delicious to me :) First time seeing sates on banana leaves. No need to celup the sates.

    I might be going to Serpong, Indonesia for a two years work commitment. Got to try those Sate Padang.


  2. please try , its so delicious.Which part of indonesia is SERTONG?.Good luck , and keep on posting those pic from indonesia

  3. Really delicious. I can almost smell it! If I ony knew how...


    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!