Saturday, May 02, 2009

Padang , Indonesia

breakfast at bumi Minang Hotel
View of PADANG town from air

I went to PADANG in 2006 via airasia , in fact i never imagine myself travelling to PADANG it more or less like a game of russian roulette,point and shoot but without killing yourself of course.Just open the airasia website and go anywhere as long as it is free.I don't have any idea where Padang is back then and what are the attraction whatsoever and bla bla bla.Finally my flight landed in padang and i took a taxi to the BUMI MINANG Hotel which is located at the center of town.While inside the taxi on the way to the hotel , i said to myself S**T!! , what have i got myself into this time , there is virtually nothing in PADANG .I started to regret buying the air ticket without doing proper research .But as the saying goes "you will hate it first before you start appreciating it " or another crappy way of looking at it is "mula-mula benci pastu sayang".Enough with the mumbling , true enough i do enjoy my trip to Padang , thank to my taxi driver (Mr DEPRI) who had shown me the uniqueness of PADANG .This actually relates back to my philosophy of seeing things differently and my taxi driver had definitely change my way of seeing padang from his perpective.If you ask me would i go back to PADANG , my answer is DEFINITELY but with airasia free ticket of be continued...........


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