Friday, May 08, 2009

Paris Disneyland , France

overview of disney park
Disneyland MAP

There is something very romantic about paris, france.Being there especially with your loved one made it very special and memorable . Me and my wife went to paris on the 21st april 2008.This is my wife first trip to europe and i could see that she was very excited and so much excited i presumed that she can't sleep the night before we depart to Paris.Our first destination in Paris was Disneyland.Immediately when we landed in paris , we took a train to Marne Vale (DISNEYLAND) .From Disneyland we took a feeder bus which will took us to our HOLIDAY INN HOTEL which was located 10 minutes away from disneyland.
Still feeling drowsy from jetlag , we hurriedly stash our bag and within 5 minutes we are on our way to disneyland.Disneyland paris could divided into two main parks, one is Disneyland itself and the other one is Disney studio.Ticket to both parks cost us 57 euro per person .Disneyland itself is so huge , if you had been to sunway lagoon just multiply that area by around 200 and you can imagine how big it is.It is not enough to spend just one day at both park , you need a minimum of 2 days to really enjoy the disney experience.Being there is just like being in a fantasy land , and if you love disney character you will feel that you are one of the character.Entrance through disneyland will take you through Main Street USA ,Discovery land ,Magic castle ,frontierland and etc.Unfortunately i can't tell you much about my disney experience as after riding the THUNDER MESA RIVERBOAT cruise , my wife started feeling drowsy and she had a very bad fever afterwards.We spend 2 days inside our hotel rooms until she recovers.Actually i'm very worried looking at my wife condition as we are very far away from home and she is very sick but alhamdulillah she start to recover slowly after 2 days. 2 days is lost in paris but as long as she is well , i'm ok with it.We spend the remainder of our time in Paris visiting the tourist attraction very slowly and we avoid walking at night due to the cold and the fact that she is still recovering from her be continued..............



  1. You have been to a lot of places! Going here would be a dream for my to boys.

  2. going there is a dream for me too

  3. salam..
    bestnye g jenjalan rata dunia..

  4. Wah! You traveled to so many places abroad! I gotta save more money and start planning for my very first overseas trip. I wanna travel to India (so many great photo opportunities) and to Lhasa, Tibet (majestic place).

  5. hi shloke, i would love to go to LHASA also

  6. going here next weekend, hope to bring back some good photos