Thursday, May 21, 2009

Too Much Input 2

On my question:-"Should we live a good life now or should we live a better life tomorrow?" I believe the below qoute from Pak Idrus @ is the answer.Thank you again Pak Idrus

" A very good morning to you. Whether it is a raining day like now in Ampang Jaya or the sun shining bright, it is still a good day to me. We woke up breathing and that is already a good sign.We start living yet another day, that is today. Today is the future of yesterday, it is the present. The present is a gift to us to live for another day, for the past has gone forever. We have been there and today is yesterday future and tomorrow is the future. It is the present that is important to us. It is a gift so makes hays while the sun shines for the the present would be with us only but for a mere seconds and then it became the past. That is why I kept telling that we must enjoy that very moment in time, the present. And Yvonne, the present is a gift and we all love Gifts. Accept the gift with all your heart and enjoy it for the present is but a few second with us and soon it would be the past. So do think positive and live lives by the day, the minutes, the seconds for we would not go that path again.I am into the seventies and happy that I have enjoyed life all throughtout that jouney of life and continue to do so now. Sure there are hic up along the ways, but what is life if there are no the up and down. It is that varieties that made living so very wonderful. They say the varieties is the spices of life, true and do made it as colorful as ever and I am sure you would enjoy the day"


  1. True. Today is a good day. Make the best of it , whether good or bad and that will see us thro the day.

  2. That's very meaningful from Pak Idrus :) Gosh, I really wanna be positive like him. I;m 'trapped' in a hectic and stressful life in KL.


  3. i used to feel trap also living in kl.The pace is just to fast and everything is about money.I used to have double job just to live comfortably in KL.But now everything had changed , i had taken a slower pace in life (not too slow of course as life is about taking risk)and focus on the things that really matters in my life , my family.Find yourself a life partners and share everything that you have with someone,life will be more meaningful