Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vientiane , Laos 2

Khai luk -duck egg embryo

Talat Sao (morning market)

Haw Pha Kaew

small stall alongside the mekong river
I kind of regret that i don't spend more time in vientiane , it is so peaceful and unique .I can only spend 3 days and two night in vientiane as i plan to go to Chiang mai afterwards by bus via Udon Thani , thailand and as usual i don't have my bus ticket yet and i still haven't figure out how to go to udon thani from nong khai , i was told in bangkok that there is a 12 hours journey bus from udon thani to chiang mai . As an explorer you learn to take things slowly and figure out your direction step by step or else you will get panicked and you feel lost.For me there is no definition of getting lost , getting lost is actually an opportunity to explore new places .
I spend my first day exploring vientiane by bicycle which i rent for 1usd per day.You can find a lot of shop in laos offering bicycle and motorbike for rent at a very small fee.Vientiane is quite small and most of the site could be covered by bicycle , furthermore the temperature is lovely the traffic is almost non-existent . Myhotel is located not far from the Mekong river and i start my journey from here by riding along the mekong river going to Haw Pha Keow(former royal temple which is now a museum).I can't help feeling at peace as i stroll along the mekong river , the people are just lovely and there are smile from the local people everywhere.Along the mekong river i could see that there are alot of small stall selling duck embryo , the local name for it is "KHAI LUK" in philipine it is known as "balut".Khai Luk stall is everywhere in vientiane , it is like a snack to be eaten on the go.

Laos gain independence from the french in 1949 , therefore you could see french influence almost everywhere .There is PATUXAI which look like the ARC DE TRIOMPE in paris and you could also see french bread vendor almost everywhere in LAOS.The best thing about french bread in LAOS is that it is very cheap and it was freshly bake and you could feel that it was still very warm.
From Haw Pha Keow i proceed to Thalat Sao.Thalat Sao is actually a morning market although it is open until afternoon.It is the only place that i know in vientane where you could buy some souvenier as there are not much souvenier shop in vientiane.I spend a lot of time in Thalat Sao as you could learn alot about its people and its food just by visiting its market .But one thing i do regret is not taking more photograph in LAOS as i'm not passionate about photography back then as i'm into it right now.


  1. That duck egg was great. Have a nice holiday.

  2. people say that it is very delicious , but i didn't dare to try it.thank you gry

  3. lohh x cube makan ke balut tu?
    baru berniat nk tanye ape rasenye :)

  4. tgk itik tu pon dah kegelian. uwekk!! hehe.
    bila la gamaknya kita nak sampai sana pulak..