Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vientiane , LAOS part 3

(all the below picture was recaptured from printout)
Pha Tat Luang
Inside Pha Tat Luang

Monks seeking alms at the street of vientiane

I woke up early today as i had plan to go to chiang Mai via Udon Thani , due to language problem i had ask the hotel receptionist to assist me in finding a taxi which will take me to the Thai-Laos border . But before going back i need to see Pha Tat Luang which is located not far from vientiane.Today was the first day of RAMADHAN which meant that i had to fast . I had eaten fried rice for 'sahur' which i had bought at a 'halal' restaurant nearby earlier.Today must be tough for me as i have a very long journey ahead of me and i had to fast from morning to late evening.I had intentionally made my journey to coincide with the month of RAMADHAN as i wanted to experienced fasting with other muslim community especially in Thailand.
On the way to Pha Tat Luang , it is interesting to see barefooted monks by the hundreds marching along the street of vientiane from the nearby monastry seeking alms in exchange for prayer.It was truly a sight to behold as i had never encountered this thing before even in china .I was told by my taxi driver in simple english that the monks cannot work and they also cannot have any material possession , they live their live purely on the donation that they received.I can imagine that it must be a tough life living as a monk,but i could also see that the people here are very generous , no doubt people are very poor here but they voluntarily gave away their food , money and other daily necessity to the monk .
Pha Tat Luang meant Great Sacred Reliquary of Great Stupa and it was the most important national monument in Laos.It was a symbol of both the buddist religion and Laos sovereignity.The construction began in the 15th century by king Setthathirat , actually there was not much to see here but i was told that every november the Bun Pha Tat Luang (full moon that luang festival) takes place here and it involved a week long celebration which include fireworks , candle lit procession , music and hundreds of buddist monks receiving alms and floral offering.
From pha tat luang i hurriedly proceed to the Thai-laos border as i need to catch the morning bus to Chiang Mai and i'm still not sure how to go to Udon Thani from nong khai.After crossing the Friendship bridge which separate thailand and laos across the mekong river , i took a tuk-tuk to the nong khai bus station to udon thani.The bus was pack with the local , after a 20 minutes as i'm about to pay for my ticket, the bus conductor had inform me that i had taken the wrong bus and had instructed me to take another bus to udon thani but he didn't give me specific instruction on which bus to take as i believe that he can't speak english.
I alighted from the bus and here i am in the middle of nowhere waiting for a bus which will take me to Udon Thani.Luckily i had met a few thai student who had help me in taking the right bus to udon thani.Around 40 minutes later , i reach Udon thani bus station.I was told the bus to chaing mai had departed and the next available bus is at 6pm.I had to wait for another 8 hours for my bus which is quite taxing and waste of time as i had just a few days left for my trip.I decided to cancel my trip to chang mai and boarded the next available bus to Bangkok.


  1. OMG u have such a nice blog and nice photos.
    i'm lovin it so much.
    keep it up.


  2. tq and welcome to my blog julia

  3. salam ma'am,
    i'll organise an expedition to laos at the end of May..
    so i would like to ask you(if you're still remember) the name of halal restaurant around laos and udon thani..

  4. salam muhammad - there is one halal restaurant not far from my hotel at the bank of the mekong river . I can't remember the restaurant name , but apart from a halal restaurant finding food shouldn't be a problem as french bread is everywhere here and very cheap . You could buy it while it still hot mostly everywhere . but laos had change a lot since i went there 8 years back especially after the SEA GAMES .I had only made a brief stop in Udon Thani , but there is one muslim restaurant near the main bus station.

  5. french bread?are you sure it is halal?*maybe i'm little bit paranoid with french word..hahaha~~
    btw thanks for all the info's really helpful..

  6. makan roti kosong ler bro , halal kot . roti dia panas2 best