Friday, June 19, 2009

1st time father

xplorer jr with her grandmother

I had a sleepless night yesterday as my baby refused to sleep.Being a father is more difficult than i think , the difficulty comes from the unpredictability of the baby and the fact that its more of an intuition kind of things rather than a straight foward common sense. Sometimes your baby will cry for no particular reason but i'm sure there is a reason for it , only it doesn't seem obvious.With a presence of a small baby around the house , my whole family including myself suddenly started conversing in baby talk , sayang became cayang,busuk became bucuk ,seorang became coyang,berak became biyak and much more.I'm not sure who in my family started this but seeing my baby make me geram, sayang dan rasa macam nak peluk kuat-kuat .Maybe this baby talk is a way of expressing your deep love towards your baby.I'm not sure if there is such thing as baby talk in other language.If there is maybe my readers can point it out.


  1. CONGRATULATION !!!cute baby:)
    Take care & have a wonderful weekend.

  2. thank you uncle awang , like father like daughter , he he

  3. Dear Xplorer,

    Cute baby! Of course other people using other languages also have baby talk. Cooing and the likes are considered universal language. Enjoy your baby girl because they grow so fast.

  4. Baby Talk, Baby Walk... It is so cute to have baby.

    I beleive they are the new eyes for us thru whom we can see more goodness in the world.. for your case she may be the new language...

    Happy Parenting!

  5. ina-thank you,i'm enjoying every minutes of it.Wondering how to do baby talk in tamil?do you have any idea?

    swatantra - baby walk,baby talk,baby diapers,baby crying, yeah its fun.he he.yep baby are born pure and it's up to us to shape it.

  6. I think its baby language in every country and automatically you soften your voice.

  7. hello gry-i guess so,its kind of a universal language for talking with babies,he he