Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd stopover-Taiping lake garden

Stopover in taiping lake garden before proceeding to kuala sepetang and then to penang.It had been a while since i went to taiping and i could say that the place still had not changed.Love the serenity of the lake garden and it is definitely the best place to relax before continuing our journey.Me and my wife had talk about the possibility of buying a piece of land in Changkat Jering for our retirement as it was part of our retirement plan to own a piece of land c/w small house in a village.Living in hectic,complicated and fast pace KL , sometime i miss having a simple life where you could spend an entire day tending to your ochard or fish pond at the back of your house and where you don't need a brick wall to avoid your neighbour from intruding your house .Changkat Jering definitely fit the profile of our retirement getaway.


  1. Dear Xplorer,

    Cantik gambar2 yang you ambik. Guna camera apa? I'm in the process nak beli camera baru nih... thanks in advance.

  2. saya guna canon 400d with 17-40mm L lense.Kalau nak beli SLR saya advise either nikon or canon only

  3. Your doughter has become so big! And sweet.

  4. Aww...junior xplorer is CUTE!!!

    Wish I had that money. I'll travel first and maybe invest in a property later.

  5. gry-thank you for the lovely comment

    mylo-like father like daughter la.try invest small portion and adjust your travel accordingly at the same time.