Monday, June 08, 2009

BEE 2 - Cameron Highland

The shutter count on my Canon 400D had clock in almost 16000 shots.From the beginning i had always tried to get a perfect bee shot.Although i feel that this picture could be improve further as the detail of the flower petal was partially lost but overall i'm quite satisfied with the result .


  1. u use canon 400D, wow im impressed! :D in my university (my faculty), a lot of people like to show off with their 40d tapi taktau pakai! sad people..

  2. Excellent photo,love the colours:)

  3. bro, kalau focus point ko jatuh on the bee would be much nicer.. since the petals seems to be sharper than the bee.. hehe.. sedap je aku mengomen...

  4. fariza-thank you

    paan-it is good if you have a good quality camera but it is better if you fully used what you have

    uncleawang-thank you .yours is not bad either

    dicky - macam ku kenal saudara dicky ni.Dimana ya....thank you for the comment .i have to learn from the pro...

  5. This Is A Really Nice Captured Photograph !! Great Blog..Thanks For Following Me..