Sunday, June 07, 2009

BEE-Cameron highland

I was walking from my hotel to the KEA FARM vegetable stall on my first day in Cameron Highland that i encountered a bee flying around this flower , too bad i didn't have a macro lense or otherwise this picture will be more breathtaking. Which one is better - the monochrome or the coloured version? For monochrome maniacs like me , i prefer the black and white


  1. Salam brother explorer,
    hope u and ur family sihat2 selalu, :D with the new kid! :D

    now is cuti! mesti bro jalan2, :D

  2. thank you paan.Saya sihat je , baby pun makin sihat sebab dia mmg suka berjalan mcm ayah

  3. that is such a lovely shot. :)

  4. lina-thank you and welcome to my blog