Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cameron highland

Xplorer Jr


I had just arrived home from cameron highland.I can say that it was a bad decision on my part to go to cameron highland during the school holiday.The place was over crowded with local tourist that it took me nearly 1 hour to go to Brinchang from Tanah Rata alone.I spend most of my time at the hotel lobby and the hotel coffee shop chit chatting with my wife and other hotel guest as it will be a waste of time to go anywhere in cameron as the road was extremely congested.On my way back to KL , i went to the BOH estate to relax while sipping a cup of hot Passion fruit tea. The thing that i enjoy most in cameron highland is the BOH estate , I can literally spend hours chit-chatting with my wife or simply doing nothing , the view of the surrounding area was simply marvellous.The first time i went to cameron highland was in the 80's and since then cameron highland had changed alot and the changes that i seen was mostly detrimental.Uncontrolled developement and farming especially on the steep hillslope had made certain area in cameron highland literally look like a deadzone.I hope the local goverment would view this seriously as i'm afraid the cameron highland that we know today as a cool highland resort will someday just become a city on a highland nothing more and nothing less, no more the lush tropical highland rainforest resort. The way I see it , i could guarantee that there will come a time in the future where i will stop visiting Cameron Highland to unwind and destress myself simply because it is not as relaxing as it used to be.Let us pray hard and hope this thing will not materialise at least in a near future.

BOH tea plantation

view from my hotel balcony-Equatorial hotel

KEA Farm vegetable stall - a 5 minutes walk from my hotel

fresh vegetable for sale at KEA FARM vegetable stall

my hotel room


  1. wish i will be there one much the rate for the affordable hotel or dorm there? btw i like the last pic....peacefull and so relaxing when look at it

  2. hi lenny , a good average hotel will cost you around 100++ .

  3. the photos of the tea fields are amazing. i really like them...a whole lot. the depth of the 8th photo is really good. i really like how there are people in it. the last one is good too. the tea crops look like a big maze.

    i will definitely take a better look around at your photos later. it's late and i'm just checking in. great photo's.

  4. I only saw your comments on my blog few days later about your plan to visit CH. CH is VERY CROWDED during school holidays. Try to avoid going there during public or school holidays. I saw lots of people at Tapah's R&R on my way to Changkat Jering exit.

    I'm glad xplorer and family still have some great time at BOH's Estate. I feel good also enjoying the endless green of the plantation.

    By the way, junior is CUTE!!! Maybe junior is asking "POP, Where am I?"


  5. chas - thank you and welcome to my blog

    shloke - Junior will be asking a lot of that kind of question as POP will be circling the globe with Junior , he he

  6. It look like you had a great time there:)
    Hey!!!your jr so cute.

  7. like father like daughter la , ha ha

  8. love the tea plantation view. but to get there.. i almost puke in the car. pusing sana sini. pening..

  9. Junior will be the first BABY AROUND THE GLOBE :)

  10. Hi,
    A very brief and nice explanation on Cameron. Guess what, I'm workin in Equatorial and a Cameronian too... Haha... I really hope you enjoyed Cameron Highlands other than the fact it is really crowded. Try to make a trip to Cameron on slow time, you'll love the place. Everything on slow pace.

    p.s: Great photographs and 1 handsome little fellow you got there...


  11. We were at the Boh Plantation. Enjoyed the view very much. Love the pics.

    Waited for the guided tour of the tea factory which was a disappointment. It was over in a jffy. Not much info parted and that even with a couple of questions from us.

  12. xplorer,
    try having a talk with the management, then maybe you can get the complimentary strawberries and nice flowers. Hehehe...

  13. lina , i had talk previously with the GM but to complain on its shoddy look compare to equatorial penang n melaka.he he