Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coincidence or fate?

What is the probability of meeting someone in a foreign land and then meeting him again a few weeks later in malaysia just to found out that he's your long lost relative , considering the timing , the population of malaysia and that country and the fact that you met him twice - the odds are almost impossible and yet it had happened to me thrice during the 31 years of my life.Maybe things like this will kept on happening to me and i do hope that i could win the national lottery this way soon , looking at the odds it could might happened to me,ha ha ha.

1)I met this gentlemen in Stockholm , sweeden at the Arlanda Airport on my way back to KL ,he introduce himself as Mr ###### and was in a business of selling electron microscope.We had a brief casual chat and to my suprise a few weeks later i had met him again on my weddeing day and he had introduce himself as one of my relative.What a coincidence!!!

2)I was on my way back to penang on a bus.There was this one lovely lady sitting next to me , we spoke briefly and i didn't even get her number.A few month later the same lady sat next to me and this time i got her number and that lovely lady is now my wife.What is the probability of that ever happening to you , almost impossible!!!!.Coincidence or Fate!!!

3)I had went for a dinner at RESTORAN MUARA(as per my blog post 3-4 days back) with my family.There was a family sitting directly next to me and they had offered to look after my baby while me and my wife having our dinner.We had a brief chat and didn't exchange any contact information and then suddenly 2 days later i receive a comment on my blog post by RERAMA SALJU stating
"Errr by d cute you ke yang we all pinjam masa kat Muara aritu?"
Please refer the picture above which was sent by RERAMA SALJU.



  1. Dear Xplorer,

    Hehehe, the world is so small, huh?!! And Allah Maha Kuasa...

  2. Salam xplorer,

    Yes,full of surprise,and I am still smiling thinking about the incident,and I am so lucky by taking a picture of your cute baby...will keep it...who knows will find her again in next 10,20 years or maybe sooner....:)InsyaAllah...

    *paling best mestilah 2nd incident kan?*:P

  3. rerama salju-btul tu , rasanya mcm ada sebab semua ni berlaku,mana tahu 20 tahun lagi jumpa lagi ,mmg tak mustahil.Tgk aje lah benda2 yg mustahil yg berlaku dlm hidup i.
    of course 2nd incident tu yg paling best.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    If ikut my father, he could meet and strike a conversation with a complete stranger and during that conversation they would discover that they are either related, know someone who is a common friend or share somekind of past history.

    The world is small and is smaller in the blogspere. Still semuanya di tangan Allah.

    Enjoying your blog, insyaaAllah will be back.

  5. walaikumussalam,welcome to my blog ocean girl , one of relative is also like that , being able to strike a conversation with any stranger and then became close friends

  6. Kalau tak kerana kuatkan hati pegi jugak mengembara ke nepal sesorang walau masa tu nepal tengah bergolak, takkan jumpa kot seorang lelaki yang menjadi kenalan tukar cita pasal travel yg kemudian menjadi suami. Jodoh.

  7. hello chibi, welcome to my blog , kalau dah jodoh mmg tak kemana

  8. salam singgah,

    read your entry and electron microscopy is my speciality ever since I started working. I might know your relative because the EM community is relatively quite small in Malaysia.

  9. dr sam- welcome to my blog , it is definitely a very smal world