Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good old days

Xplorer during his university days - second person from left
I had done a lot of crazy things during my university days and i can't say that that i am proud of what i had done back then.I wish i could turn the clock back and rewrote history .I wish i had study harder ... I wish i had done this and that.Maybe things will be even better now if i had done all those things.Maybe it will not . Nobody can exactly tell for sure.But one thing for sure is -"SH*T HAPPEN SOMETIME" and it is all up to you to evaluate your experience and learn from it.


  1. salam brother,

    yeah. **** happened sometimes..
    so, when will u revealed urself? :D
    maybe not i guess..

  2. salam paan.definitely not in the near future, ha ha

  3. This picture reminds me the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

  4. wekeke..
    seems like women in egypt long2 time ago!!

  5. mylo & marlboro - actually this picture reminds me of TALIBAN, ha ha

  6. First time on your blog!! I liked this picture!! Reminded me of my crazy days and crazy things in university.. about whom i recently had wrote!!

    You write very well!!

  7. welcome swantra-it's the crazy things that we remember most.will visit your blog