Saturday, June 20, 2009

kopi luwak (Coffee Luwak,civet coffee or weasel coffee)

ASIAN PALM CIVET(Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)

I had watch the movie BUCKET LIST played by jack nicholson and morgan freeman yesterday,by the way it was a great movie and was tempted to find on wheter LUWAK COFFEE really does exist.Suprising it really does exist and the coffee was made using coffee bean which was defecated by the ASIAN PALM CIVET(Paradoxurus hermaphroditus).WHATTT???!!!,Yes!! , they processed the bean which had been collected from animal dung.

It seem that by natural selection the civets will only consume the best and the sweetest red cherrie coffee bean . The inner bean of the berry is not digested, but a unique combination of enzymes in the stomach of the civet add to the coffee's flavor by breaking down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste. The beans are defecated, still covered in some inner layers of the berry,then washed, and given only a light roast so as to not destroy the complex flavors that develop through the process. Light roasting is considered particularly desirable in coffees that do not exhibit bitterness, and the most pronounced characteristic of Kopi Luwak is a marked reduction in bitterness.

Kopi Luwak had been known to be the most expensive coffee in the world due to its rarity and it could cost you between RM 100 to 400 per cup!!!!.I had never imagine animal dung could be that expensive.You can buy Kopi luwak either processed or raw bean (for your prosessing pleasure , ha ha) from ANIMAL COFFEE or you can go the following address in Jakarta to sample a cup of COFFEE LUWAK.

Pacific Place Mall LG No. 9
Jend. Sudirman St. Kav. 52-53
Senayan Village, Kebayoran Baru District
South Jakarta City, 12190

I had been to indonesia a couple of time but i had never come across KOPI LUWAK but i will definitely try KOPI LUWAK if i go to indonesia in the future.

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  1. Ayo.yo!!!ingat kopi tongak ali yang mahal..rupa nya ada kopi yang sampai Rm100/.
    Thanks for sharing..oh ya,Happy Father Day!!.

  2. uncle awang-mmg mahal betul .kawan saya ada bela 2 ekor musang buah , rasa mcm nak bagi makan biji kopi n process sendiri , ha ha.Tapi rasanya mcm nak order kopi luwak tu n rasa sendiri keenakan kopi luwak

  3. Hi Xplorer

    My late Untie told me about her home-made coffee "tahi musang" at 70s. I thought all that just bed time story.


  4. hello lukman-welcome to my blog, kopi taik musang memang ada cuma sanggup tak sanggup nak minum jer