Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pasar Sehari Padang Besar

roasted honey almond

One thing i like about padang besar is the creativity of its people in creating snack food.When i had went there previously it was chili fried anchovies season , then it was fried slice pumpkin with honey and recently it was roasted almond with honey.Can't wait to go there again in a few month time to sample a new snack food.


  1. wow.. almond tu boleh tanam di sini ka?

  2. almond to utk dimakan .Dibakar dengan kulitnya lepas tu disalut dengan madu

  3. GOODY! So many sweets and snacks. Look YUMMYLICIOUS to me. I was looking at Picture 1 again, again and again. You must be bargaining with that lady for a cheaper price.

    I've only tasted chili fried anchovies once. It's actually given by someone. Taste nice! Slice pumpkin with honey and roasted almond with honey?? GULP...Do you still have any? I wanna taste them :)


  4. Is this Padang Besar(Perlis).I plane to go to PB this month from KL sentral/PB/KLsentral.Agak nya day trip sebab bermalam dalam train..
    Just normal shoping sambil melacong.
    I'm from Kuching,Sarawak.

  5. Those snack foods look absolutely delicious. I'm craving right now.

  6. gry - yes , alot of artificial colour and flavouring.he he

    shloke - i got a good price after i told her that her picture will be posted in the internet for viewing.You should do the same thing also next time.

    unclewang-welcome to my blog.i don't suggest that you take a daytrip from KL to padang besar.Spend a few night in perlis and you will see that it is a nice place to visit.If you still decide to do a day trip.take a taxi to GUA KELAM n EMPANGAN TIMAH TASOH which is not far from padang besar.Or alternatively spend the night in HATYAI which is 1.5 hours away by taxi
    june-welcome to my blog

  7. Salam,
    Thanks for the info,I would be very happy to spend a night but my time is limited .Anyway I try my very best to do a trip to Gua Kelam & Empangan.Thanks again & have a nice day.