Friday, June 12, 2009

Paddy Field

pulau burung , balik pulau
I used to go fishing at these area with my friends when i was a kid.There are few method that you can used to fish in the paddy field but the best , easiest and the most fun method is by checking at each mudhole and catching the fish by hand.This method is only applicable after the paddy had been harvested and during planting season.I used to live with my late grandparents when i was a kid and as usual after venturing on this fisihing expedition with my friends , my grandmother will greet me with a grin on her face and a very long cane on her right hand.Soon afterwards you will find me crying at the verandah , but that doesn't stop me from embarking on the so called fishing expedition again. Looking at these picture remind me of the good old days.


  1. salam brother,

    kebetulan sy tgh watch cite 'seratus harijadi' di astro ria ni. haha scenery di paddy field.. n memang best! last disember i went langkawi on the way we singgah kedah... mcm jakun, bergamba di paddy field. huhu :D much remind me of those nasi yg kita makan everyday! :D

  2. itu tak best lagi , saya biasa menjala udang dekat terusan kawasan ni

  3. Beautiful!

    Are those the latest shot or childhood pics??? I like Picture 1 - strong B & W composition.

    Talking about childhood memories....strange....Sigh....I cannot reflect any nice moment :(


  4. oh ade udang kat sawah padi, ok i tot ade tikus je? haha. im such a city boy! :P

  5. mylo - those are the latest pic

    paan - mmg ada udang tapi bukan kat dalam sawah ,tapi kat kat terusan sbelah sawah tu.Udang sungai , bentuk dia mcm udang galah tapi sepit dia kecil

    uncle awang - i grow up in a living in hectic KL , it is very nostalgic when i see picture like this

  6. We use to go fishing as kid too, but never by hand! I loved the first photo with the beautiful sky.

  7. gry - after fishing we normally went to the nearby channel for a swim

  8. Simple pastimes with so many wonderful memories!