Wednesday, June 17, 2009


the louvre

Arc de Triompe
at the street of champ elysee facing arc de triompe

notre dame cathedral
Pont neufe

I went to paris for the first time in april 2008.I had been to europe before and i had imagine paris to be somewhat sofisticated and cultured.The immigration process was smooth and the immigration officer didn't ask a single question unlike in UK where they ask you a million question.Pick my rucksack from the conveyor belt and board the subway to GARE DU NORD change train at CHATELLE LE HALLE and then to MARNE VALLE(disneyland) . On my way to Gare Du Nord , i was looking for a perfect PARIS that i had always imagined it would be.Sadly it was "indah khabar dari rupa" , i had never imagined Paris to be like this . Honestly it was a bit dirty especially at Gare Du Nord but then you could find the same scenario at our PUDURAYA.I will not talk about my trip to EURODISNEY as i had touch about it in my posting earlier.

Only after spending 2 nights in EURODISNEY i started venturing paris on my own.The subway system was a bit confusing at first and it was quite efficient as you could literally get anywhere within Paris.Only after i had enter the touristy part of Paris like the LOUVRE , EIFEL TOWER , NOTRE DAME , CHAMP ELYSEE that i found the Paris that i had always imagined it would be, hip , trendy,cultured and full of arts.Eifel tower was very lovely especially during spring time and it was even better at night.There are two side of paris actually , if you visit Paris via a guided tour you will only see the perfect side of Paris, whilst venturing Paris on your own you will see the other side of paris.The other side of Paris is actually not that bad , but it tells you a different story of living in Paris.A story which tells you that life could be hard in PARIS.

I feel that the 5 days that i spent in Paris is not enough as there are so much to see and i had only covered Paris on the surface .


  1. .I was expecting to see some pictures of the seedy side of Paris. There don't seem to be any. maybe you purposely omit them.
    Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. You are a great photographer.

  2. at least you had nice weather while in paris. i had three days of rain :(

  3. pak zawi-the seedy side of paris is for personal viewing and satisfaction.ha ha.What i meant was , i was quite suprise to see alot of beggars and "kutu" in paris.Me and my wife was being harrass by beggars and "kutu" a couple of time in paris.But of course you will not see beggars at eifel tower.My colleague was being mug by a gang .I don't see much "kutu" and beggars in other part of europe except in belgium.
    whereinsoever-yes it was a fine early spring weather

  4. yeah! my dream land... :) tgh kumpul duit! huhu LD

  5. Salam, came here from Pak Zawi's. I believe we all have similar topic - Paris. Was there last month and it was so hot. Saw more places outside Paris which was good because we have seen lots of Paris before.
    Great photographs you've got there.

  6. kak teh-salam kembali.thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Dear xplorer,

    They do have a lot of immigrants from Algeria and the likes. They're living in flats like in Malaysia, so of course they do have thugs and the like... I don't think there's a place in the world that is perfect. Buatan manusia belaka...

  8. ina-yes there are alot of algerian immigrant in paris,correct nobody perfect

  9. i fall in LOVE with the second picture..

    seriously i do!!

  10. Salam,

    Blog hopping from Azim's...
    I agreed with you.."some" places at Europe just "Indah Khabar Dari Rupa" until we step there, than we know...
    Went to Amsterdam last month, totally different from what I imagined before this...

  11. azim-welcome to my blog.Thank you for the compliment

    mazddaud-welcome to my blog.I went to amsterdam directly from paris and on the contrary , i love amsterdam and i will go there again if i got the chance.What went wrong for you in amsterdam

  12. looks like you've been super busy over the last couple of months. these are some great photos. i just found out that i'm going to paris for the day in september. i am pretty excited about it. i've never been.

  13. chas-thank you . hope to see tonnes of cool pic from your paris trip