Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Restoran Muara,Tanjung Harapan,Port Klang

I had went to the Restoran Muara , Port Klang last sunday for dinner.Although it had been strongly recommended by my colleague but i could say that i had been to a better place before.Due to its close proximity to the coastal area i would expect that the seafood would be as fresh as possible but things seems to be in the opposite direction here and there is not much food variety to choose from.I'm very sure that i will get mixed reaction from people for my negative comment on this restaurant but believe me , i'm no stranger to seafood and ikan bakar as i'm always on a quest for the best food and the best dining experience.I used to live in the coastal area and the definition of fresh is alive and kicking.Nasi lemak dia sedap tapi seafood dia kurang skit.Need to improve alot on the quality and variety of food. Overall experience is C-.

Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan
Jalan Sultan Hishammudin,
Kawasan 20, Bandar Suleiman,
Pelabuhan Klang Utara,
42000 Port Klang,
Tel: 03-3176 6829


  1. Sorry to hear that the seafood wasn`t fresh. I love your first photo!

  2. Bro, That was my fav. spot for lepak when im student. Together with housemate kami naik motor or kereta go there for makan and lepak sampai malam. Dulu memang sedap dan happening but since there was some construction work dalam tahun 2003 or 2004 macam tu then restaurant Muara close for quite sometimes.

    Kemudian mereka buka semula but things not going well, everything x best dari environment, layanan hinggalah kepada seafood yg tak fresh x sedap. Since then I tak pernah lagi datang muara, dun want waste my time, my money and fuel go there, where else I can get better food dkt area Klang jika mahu with layanan yang lebih cepat serta serving time yang pendek.

    Restorant Ramai depan Shell di Kampung Batu Belah, I selalu lepak sana since dekat dengan kampung halaman my very good friend, hanya seberang jalan je rumah dia. Furthermore cheaper plak tu.

    Apa pun nice review.

    Tc and Have a good day ahead

  3. Nothing like fresh seafood - simple and delicious:) Did you manage to slip in a gentle comment to the person in charge/anyone there?

  4. C-? Hahahaha...
    Kalau setakat satu dua saja yang best, memang patut pun! Seafood bukan setakat bakar-bakar jer... freshness n varieties baru leh bagi bintang lebih *wiNK*

  5. well if i were xplorer, I love to do wat Keats suggested.

    I'm perfectionist sometimes, depends on my mood

  6. gry - thank you , yep the food is not that great
    khazimin - Kat mana restoran RAMAI tu , boleh bagi specific address tak?boleh aku cuba
    keats - yep if the seafood is fresh , sometime all you need to do is just simple grilling
    masmz-betul tu ikan bakar bukan stakat ikan yg dibakar je

    to all-i will be going to kedah next week and i will going to a famous ikan bakar stall , it is just a small stall but the variety of food and its quality is amazing .check out my blog next week


  8. azim-tanjung dawai is one of my favourite place to visit in kedah.i love the village scenery along the way,in fact i had discuss with my wife recently to stay at one of the homestay there.I missed village life so much.

  9. Salam xplorer,

    Bloghopping dari blog Maz,and I pun gi Muara last Sunday,setelah almost 8 tahun tak gi,and I totally agree with yr review about Muara...tak fresh!
    Do share nama rest kat tg.dawai tu ye,haritu pergi,nak best sangat...

    Errr by d way...baby cute you ke yang we all pinjam masa kat Muara aritu?

  10. rerama salju-welcome to my blog . KAH! KAH! KAH! tersenyum sorang2 bila i baca your comment.Mcm tak sangka boleh jumpa balik kat sini , yep it could possibly be me.Please email to me the picture that you took with my baby so that i could post it in my blog.what a small world.Tempat ikan bakar tu sebenarnya bukan kat tanjung dawai tapi jalan nak ke tanjung dawai , kat kepala batas .wait for my posting next week.Do email me the picture at xplorer78@gmail.com

  11. Dear Xplorer,

    Talking about fresh seafood, teringat plak kat gerai ikan celup tepung kat Kuala Trengganu yang I makan semalam... Best giler! Enjoy your trip! I'm not going anywhere for a very, very long time after 8 days on the road...hehehe

  12. SEMALAM pi makan kat KUALA PERLIS..sedap!!!