Friday, June 26, 2009

Taiping Lake Garden

taiping lake garden

I feel so tired after driving from KL to penang, a journey which normally took 4 hours for mere mortals took me 8 hours .As usual being an xplorer the journey matter most than the destination.I had met a few interesting people along the way and among them the humble tauke and founder of the famous YIK MUN KUIH PAU tanjung malim (the best kuih pau in the whole of malaysia).In total i had made three pit stop along my journey today - tanjung malim , kuala sepetang and taiping lake garden which add up an additional 4 hours to my journey.Overall i feel satisfied although a bit tired.Will blog about it tomorrow.


  1. i say your 4 hour trip that turned into an 8 hour journey was worth the stops. this photo is really appealing. the tree branches look like veins and full of life. you framed it well.

    the photo's from the grilled fish restaurant were really good. they were very photojournalism like.

  2. hello chas- thank you , its very typical of me to do unscheduled stopover here and there