Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got this inside information that MAS will be launching its new website.Checkout below which i qouted directly from their internal staff email circulation. is going LIVE soon!

Above is the snapshot of landing page. The online portal will be going live soon , offering something for everyone with a variety of holidays packages in Malaysia, more than 150 popular international destinations, a dynamic Do-It-Yourself and numerous “Citystay” choices.

Under the “Malaysia Stopover” tab, customer can choose from more than 100 hotels in Malaysia inclusive of breakfast and transfers. Meanwhile, under the packages tab, there will “MY Malaysia Experience”, offering a wide range holiday packages from 3days/2nights stay, add-on of sightseeing tours and other value-add; whilst “Escapade Worldwide” offers more than 150 pre-bundled packages to almost all MAS international destinations. Packages also gives the flexibility of adding either a full day tour or a half day sightseeing, choice of half-board or full board, an all inclusive tour, return airport transfers or sightseeing bonus.

IN addition, the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) tab will give you complete freedom to tailor-make your own holiday. Customer can mix and match from more than 50,000 hotels worldwide, more than 300 sightseeing tours, transfers and car rentals. Customer can choose to book hotels only or hotel with breakfast, and add an airport transfers and a variety of tours that can fit their itinerary.
You can find any packages or DIY that matches your budget. Just key-in the price range preference and the website will generate related packages or hotels according to budget.

You can now BOOK ONLINE and PAY ONLINE. With more than 60,000 room nights a day, you will be spoilt for choice.

We guarantee instant confirmation, a hassle-free book-to-travel process and a one-stop center for all your travel needs.

Sign-up for membership to receive mystery gifts, early-birds’ deal, updated promotions and member’s shopping privilege.

We will be opened 24/7, 365 days a year and HAPPY TO SERVE all your holiday requirements.

Look out for the count-down and be the first to sign-up to run a chance in our launch contest.

Coming soon – count down to LIVE and first 100 to sign-up will receive a mystery gift.


  1. Wow Thats Great..I Would look Forward For The Completion Of Website...Even I AHave Got A Website i.e. for Rajsathan-India Tours..Would Like You TO have A Look Over It..Thanks For Sharing..

  2. Yup betul tu bro, mereka mmg bertungkus lumus menyiapkan web tu especially last week, mereke berkumpul seharian suntuk dalam meeting room.

    Their AGM yg bilik hanya sebelah sahaja pun mmg everytime mencuba web tu dan mengesan apa2 yang perlu di perbetulkan.

    They work hard as the due date dah dekat....

  3. mcm mana ko leh tahu semua nih?

  4. Xplorer :
    hahahaha I work with CSI and FBI...double agent hahaha

    with they offer a variety of holiday packages for various type of travellers with an emphasis on quality.

    The system allows online booking of packages with flights, mix and match of various Do It Yourself and others related services.

    They also provides real time inventory, instant confirmation, online payment and e-vouchering.


    go no n click - hahahaha

  5. dear isakndar,
    you r the reason why i can't exposed my identity.You're working with FBI and i'm wanted by the FBI , ha ha ha.
    One more thing , i know about masholidayz because i had met masholidayz tauke mr YAZID during my travel overseas.Maybe your source in FBI can confirm this and you can continue your pursuit to expose XPLORER, ha ha ha.In the meanwhile i will always be on the run.Teringat plak psal cerita THE FUGITIVE , Dr Richard Kimble, cewah!!!

  6. Yup En Yazid is the AGM of Mas Holidays, he work very close with IT Team.

    Memang dia tak reti duduk diam kejap ke bilik dia kejap ke meeting room, nasib baik side by side

  7. by the way have meet Pn Sharifah also, she is very talkative n suka chit chat with her, ada semangat keibuan sambil do some marketing hahaha

  8. wow!! you definitely work with FBI man , i definitely need to hide for a very llllloooooonnnnggggg tttiiiiiimmmmeeeee, ha ha ha