Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yik Mun Kuih Pau , Tanjong Malim

my wife with xplorer Jr

owner of YIK MUN with xplorer

Mention Yik Mun in Tanjung Malim and it will probably tell you that it served one of the best PAU in malaysia.The restaurant is located at the traffic light junction on the old north-south trunk road in tanjung malim(traffic junction on the way to proton city).Initially i was a bit sceptical about this famous Kuih Pau , not a fan of kuih pau initially as for me a kuih pau will always be just a kuih pau , nothing more and nothing less.But after biting into one , the first word that came out from my mouth is , WAHH HOLIAUUU!!!!(cantonese word for GREAT!!).All the sudden i knew a few word of cantonese , and my wife smile sheepisly at my antics.he he .the bun is super soft and its nothing like i had ever tasted before compare to the other Kuih pau and the filling was also generous and delicious.

Watching my antics with my camera , the owner Mr Kok Jek Ming approach me and ask me on wheter i'm a reporter.We had a lovely chat afterward and me and my wife was suprised with the humbleness and the hospitatily shown by him.According to him , he was the third generation of the KOK family who run the business which was started by his grandfather after migrating from Hainan , china in 1926.

Overall experience = A

YIK MUN1, Jalan Besar , Tanjung Malim,
35900, Perak, Malaysia.


  1. Dear Xplorer,

    Terliur pulak nengok kuih pau tu. Esok I pegi kejap ler ke tanjung malim... Kalo ikut NKVE exit kat mana?

  2. ina-keluar exit tanjung malim dan pusing kiri ke arah proton city.kedai ti btul2 kat simpang empat traffic light menghala ke proton city.tapi owner tu cakap kat one utama food court (ground floor depan jusco) pun dia ada booth.kalau kat tg malim
    per piece rm 1.60 kalau kat one utama rm 2 per piece.Kuih Pau dia mmg halal sebab mmg ada sijil halal original terpampang kat kedai dia

  3. Food brings people together - kuih pau, in this case. Now you can 'tah pau'!! ( doggy bag it!) and share with more friends.

  4. keats-in this case , kuih pau unite people across race and religion.I did tapau a few kuih pau and it was being pau(local slang for steal,mugging) by my friends.ha ha.I didn't realise Kuih pau will have so much impact, ha ha ha

  5. xplorer....when r u going to reveal ur identity???

    thank you for sharing this delicious post about Yik Mun TM Pau. Got to try it one day. I wonder why that tauke named the pau as Yik Mun...a person name or something else????

  6. mylo - haiya , maybe not in the near future.not sure about the name , you should go there and try , just a stone throw away from KL.maybe the owner can let you do a coverage on the actual process of making the PAU.

  7. Pernah makan kat sini...iced coffee die mmg best and sedap sgt2...

    Pau kaya is my preference...mee kari pun ok, but have to + air kosong sket, bagi kurang masin...huhu