Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blogging under the stars - power failure

The time now is almost midnight and i still can't sleep.My house was partially blackout(lucky that my laptop was fully charge) and currently was still waiting for the TNB technician to come and fix it.Currently blogging under the stars outside,i had noticed the full bright moon shine directly on top of my house and decided to take a picture of it, lovely.With the wind carressing smoothly at my body , i didn't realised blogging outside under the stars was so relaxing .At times like this i feel a bit poetic but too bad my english was a bit hampeh!! and i end up writing-erasing-writing-erasing-writing-erasing all the poetic manifestation in this blog entry.
I heard my baby crying inside , need to go inside for a nappy change.


  1. "..... ny englsh was a bit hampeh!!..."

    Come on Xplorer! Your write-up in english really admire me. I aspire to write like you!


  2. lukman-he he.thank you for the compliment , kekadang berkarat jugak bahasa inggeris saya , he he