Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Like father like daughter

This picture was taken by my wife yesterday, she was amused to the fact that i had fallen asleep while surfing the net and coincidently in the same sleeping position as my daughter.Bak kata pepatah - ANAK AYAH!!! (daddy daughter) , ha ha ha


  1. xplorer :

    muahahhahhaahaa mmg anak bapak betul la, tp yg lain nyer bapaknya seksi sket hahaha, tu online sampai lupa x kantoi ngan wife ke hahaha

    takde la kkan cz tuan ni baik org nyer heheheh
    apa lak bendul bendul ni, tahyul betul la u ni hahahahahaha

    ni boss i got something really serius to talk to, cz i think u berfikiran agak teliti, so how can i communicate with u, tru email perhaps?

    let me know ASAP, its urgent, need advice from sifu

  2. ha ha- no prob just email me and i will try to assist

  3. xplorer : i just email to u, sorry maybe byk salah taip cz aku menaip cepat ada hal nak di kejar


  4. hahaha...this is Funny!Super cute!