Wednesday, July 22, 2009


eye of london
strolling along the river Thames

I had just arrived from london , my flight landed KLIA at 5.20 pm.I suppose to come back last saturday but had been resceduled to today .

Just hours before I was in Westminister strolling along the Thames River with a view of Big Ben and the Parliment House in front of me.Walking alone , I sat on one of the benches while watching a group of busker busking their talent.Wow!! some of then really got talent and I do enjoy some of the show.The temparature in London was lovely at 21'C.Sitting there alone with my thought , with the chilly gentle breeze gushing through my body , i really wish that my wife and daughter was here.I really missed them alot.Your are in a midst of a crowd and yet you feel yourself alone and lonely , can't wait to get back home as my wife had told me that our daughter had started "meniarap"(can somebody translate this for me).

I didn't have much time in London , the only sightseeing that i had done was just hours before my departure in westminister.London was literally littered with malaysian.Everywhere i go , there was a 80% chance of bumping into another fellow malaysian.London got this charm which i can't quite explain but as a Malaysian travelling alone I do feel at ease with myself compare if i travelled alone in other european country.Maybe this sense of belonging which had attracted visitors especially from Malaysia.

parliment house
Big Ben
At heathrow departure hall

Buskers-street performer

cromwell road - my apartment is located at the far end of the road
METRO TRAIN at Earl court station
view of tower bridge from above
I had Lobster for supper onboard flight
King prawn for lunch onboard flight
1st class cabin-the seat can be fully reclined and got massaging action


  1. Salam Xplorer,

    Welcome back. Best kan dok first class?!... hehehe. Kalo bayar sendirik sentiasa lah ekonomi class...hehehe

  2. ina- he he.mmg ler best.terasa mcm diri ni seorang bangsawan/jutawan/negarawan/ sebab duduk sekali dgn vvip (tengku ahmad rithaudeen and other bigshot) , tapi bila dah land n keluar dari flight , as i walk past the duty free shop selling all those luxury watch like tag heur ,i said to myself that i can't afford even the cheapest watch in that store,then reality of life sets in and the reality is i don't have any money and still very far far away from becoming a millionaire.ha ha

  3. Wow, lucky you to have travelled on first class on MAS. Eye-popping facilities. I like the touch of humour in your account. I remember my first trip to Hong Kong on MAS and I was impressed with its service. Malaysia boleh!

  4. welcome to my blog roger,


    he he