Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

It was a very depressing week for me , everything doesn't go as plan .But then again that's life , you can't expect everything to go on a monotonous tone,you need a varied tone to create a melody .Previously my life had been like a roller coaster ride , you see the thrill and danger ahead of you , you want to get out from it but you can't as you are stuck on the rail cart and the only way out is foward towards the drop zone.As you inch towards the drop zone you feel your heart thumps stronger and stronger and then the excitement begun and you feel that you had overcome a great obstacle .

Ironically life is more than just a simple roller coaster ride but it has the characteristic of a roller coster ride which will then ramified into a different plot based on our action.Literally we were just a grape juice when we were born , our action will determine wheter we are a vinegar or a wine later on.

P.S- i sounded like a very old person mumbling and musing about life


  1. One thing about roller coaster ride is you know you'll arrive right back where you started and that you will arrive safely. In life, we pray before, at and after, every twist and turn.

  2. When we're on the down, it can be depressing. But look ahead for the up, something will take a turn for the better. So, all I can say is ride it out. There's always a friend to call to talk.

  3. keats-you're right , things that don't kill you will make you better