Monday, August 24, 2009

Cleaning my fish pond

It had been 5 month since i last do a full cleaning on my fish pond.The water started to turn slightly green due to algae infestation and yesterday i finally manage to do it. I started cleaning my fish pond at 11 in the morning and finish the work 8 hours later.My body still ache from yesterday .It was hard work especially on the scrubbing and due to the fact that when the pond water level had reach half feet from the bottom i had to manually scoop the water out using a pail. During the initial construction of the pond i didn't forsee the need to properly design the fish pond and hence problem arises later on.To redesign the pond at these stage is a bit to late as my koi,red kelah and arowana had grown quite big and the total combine value is worth more than the initial construction value of the pond itself.To relocate all the fish at this stage could be fatal.

But looking at the pond condition now with its crystal clear bluish water and how it relaxes my mind after coming back from work it seems all the hard work was worthwhile.I spent alot of time here with my daughter and she would jump and giggles in excitement when she saw the big fish struggling with each other during feeding time .

Jr was extremely exhausted from helping her father, he he

after cleaning - the water is now bluish in colour due to the addition of water conditioner
cleaning completed,pending water to refill-notice the water is crystal clear
during cleaning-notice the colour of the water
tilapia fish harvested from the fish pond - end up grilled in my oven for buka puasa
A giant catfish from the pond , weigh roughly 3 kilo - end up grilled in my oven
before cleaning


  1. You sangat rajin membersehkan fish pond,ya? Roger dari Singapore.

  2. not rajin tapi terpaksa as hari raya is just around the corner , he he

  3. You have a nice catch! And your hard work has paid off - lovely fish to see and greet you daily :)

  4. yep i do agree that the hard work had paid off