Friday, August 28, 2009

Daytrip to Singapore

I will be flying to Singapore with my wife this coming sunday for a very short day trip.Our flight will depart KLIA at 12 noon and arriving back at 2200hrs on the same day.My wife had always wanted to break our fast in a foreign land and initially we had chosen to go to either Bangkok,Kuching or Sabah . Since total flying time to all those places will be more than 4 hours we had decided to go to Singapore instead . We had to make our trip as short a possible as we can't leave our baby for too long and this trip is sort of our husband and wife crazy daytrip escapade to a foreign land , he he .
It may sound a bit crazy and wasteful to go to Singapore for a very short trip but i have a list on the things that i want to do before i reach 55 and this is one of it.Another crazy thing that's in my list is breakfast , lunch and dinner in three different country and on the same day.
I believe everybody should have their own bucket list on the things that they want to achieve before they die.If you don't i encourage that you start drafting your own bucket list , believe me it will make your life more interesting.Will update later in my blog.


  1. Dear xplorer,

    Make sure you google a halal place before you go as not many places in Singapore served halal food. The geylang area would be ok, though I'm not sure they open for buka puasa. Have fun!

  2. thank you ina , will keep that in mind

  3. Salam Ramadhan xplorer. Wah, this is really interesting. Well, I had done Switzerland, France and Italy in one day - ending up with eating nasi lemak by Lake Geneva.

    Anyway, have fun.

  4. salam kak teh , europe is very well interconnected and it is possible to do that.I will wait for airasia free ticket and hopefully breakfast in kl , lunch in bangkok and dinner in jakarta.selamat berpuasa to you too.

  5. I've been in johor for almost a year now and yet singapore pon tak masuk lagik. haha.. anyway have fun

  6. reedza-kalau mcm tu lagi senang nak baik hari , kos pun tak tinggi . Kalau ada masa cuba pegi singapore zoo and jurong bird park , mmg menarik sebab zoo dia world class , tak mcm zoo malaysia , selekeh