Sunday, August 02, 2009

KL Internal Security Act street protest-K.L

I had received an email from fellow bloggers overseas asking me about the situation in KL.They had plan to visit Malaysia next week but now they seems unsure on wheter malaysia is a good place to visit looking at the recent violent street protest in KL.

Oh i wish that i could foward the email to the protest organizer so that they realized that their action had tarnished the image of Malaysia in the eyes of the world.The police had given an early warning not to proceed with the protest and yet they went ahead .When the police took action they blamed the police and the government for being cruel . Grow up!! , you are responsible for your own action and the only person to blame for is yourself.

Millions of ringgit was lost in term of direct and indirect business opportunity and i'm very sure at the very moment thousand of potential tourist to malaysia will re-evaluate on wheter malaysia is really worthwhile to visit.

For those who had participate in the street protest , please think before you act and do not blindly support things which you yourself do not fully understand . Think critically and analytically , do not blindly support any action which you feel are worthless despite coming from an influential people from the BN or PR.

If it's wrong , it's still wrong and i don't care if its from BN or PR and yesterday street protest was definitely wrong!!!!!!.


****Malaysia is a very nice and peaceful country to visit , event which happen yesterday does not reflect the overall situation in my country.If you plan to visit malaysia in this short term and unsure on wheter you had made the right decision , you can email me for advice.


  1. I agree with you 'Malaysia is a very nice & peaceful country to visit':)
    Pity to small trader at Jalan TAR especially pasar malam on saturday(my favorite place to visit).

  2. i have the same problem. i got some international delegate coming in a few weeks and now they worry about their safety. the protesters don't understand that other people become affected by their acts too.

  3. uncle awang,anty-stupid,axim- some malaysian didn't realized how lucky they are living in a very peacefull country

    whereinsoever-they can't think properly on their action and how it will affect other, i feel so upset

  4. xplorer, I beg to differ. I have to say 'Malaysians Do Not Have Human Rights'


    In addition, we are the last six remaining countries not signing /acceding the required cores in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights demanded by UN since 1943. This shameful reluctant to agree is widely known among international communities.

    The only way to get our government urgent attention is via street protest. Even in South Korea (one of the Asia's Four Little Tigers) protest is very common among industrial workers and normal citizens -- demanding improved working environment or political change. In Japan, the violent protest during Minamata incident from 1956 - 1960 finally made local provincial government to admit their mistakes. I always believe in people power. You just have to listen to your rakyat or else people will stand up for their civil rights. It's as simple as that.


  5. Mylo,
    i believe the article on the wikipedia is not correct and there is a possibility that somebody who sent it to wikipedia did not do enough research on the topic.But i do agree that there are things that need improvement in this country.You have the right to have your own opinion but i did not agree on the item in that article

    Human Rights violated include:
    The right to vote freely
    Freedom of Religion
    Equality of Religion
    Independence of the legal system
    Freedom from Torture
    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom from Discrimination
    Homosexual Rights

    1)We have the right to vote freely , if not PAKATAN rakyat would not win in KELANTAN,PERAK,PENANG and SELANGOR.

    2)freedom and equality of religion-i believe malaysian are free to practice their own religion . Sure there are hiccups here in there but generally people are free to practice what they believe.

    3Independence of the legal system
    Freedom from Torture
    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom from Discrimination
    -i don't have much knowledge in this area but i'm very sure that there are space for improvement.I could see a lot of politician recently may it be from BN or PR been prosecuted from corruption.In a way our legal system is still intact but then again need further improvement.

    4)Homosexual rights-i believe all religion in this world does not approve homosexual act as the basic human right.We should not degrade our society by considering homosexuality as the basic human right.

    For me the human right declaration is merely just a declaration.USA had always brand itself as the human right champion but then again there's GUANTANAMO PRISON and social discrimination on the black community . I believe in people power but i did not approved violent street protest.The street protest only represent a very small percentage of rakyat view .But the ill effect from it is more disastrous.People power had already shown it power in our last general election , if the rakyat feel that things are not improving then show their disapproval through the next general election.I love my country and i don't want to see it crumble just to fulfill the political agenda of a small group of people who seeks immediate political stardom.having travel the world i can say that there is no place like malaysia and i'm grateful being born as malaysian

  6. Syabas xplorer...pandangan kamu sangat tepat...orang lain pun mempunyai hak untuk hidup tenang dan bebas mencari makan serta menjalankan pelbagai aktiviti lain dengan aman damai tanpa diganggu gugat oleh puak2 pelampau yang bertopengkan people power kononnya...satu lagi xplorer...jangan lupa, Pakatan Rakyat juga menang di Kedah Darul Aman tau(walaupun SPR dituduh oleh PR sebagai tidak telus dan tidak adil)...